Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches has been certified by the Joint Commission, they are recognized as one of America’s premier in-patient alcohol and drug rehab treatment centers. They have achieved international acclaim for clinical treatment excellence and consistently high rate of success.

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches currently has 14 office locations distributed across Palm Beach County.  Accelerated business expansion and the subsequent planned increase in branch office locations, staffing and patient services, dictated that the management team conduct a fundamental review of the Voice & Data network infrastructure, including Voice and Data network carriers.

The existing   telephone services comprised several miscellaneous isolated PBX systems supported by a localized voice carrier trunks lines at each facility. The incumbent voice and data network design was, slow, fragmented, inefficient, expensive and difficult to manage and vulnerable to prolonged outages.

Business Continuity Assurance would be the highest priority; a fully redundant Data Center “Hub and Spoke” model would be required if the business was to be insulated from telephone and fax outages   resulting from circuit, power or building infrastructure failures. The organization, although geographically distributed, will have to function reliably  as a single office if it was to meet the challenge of maintaining the highest standards of patient care  that have defined Behavioral Health of the Palm Beach’s  national reputation.

The corporate wide deployment of fiber optic circuits to each office location would become the foundation of a high performance private converged Voice, Data, Fax and Video network infrastructure, allowing core application servers to be virtualized and relocated to the protected  Data Center facility.

Telephony services would also be fundamentally redesigned , using  “ShoreTel “,  a single image multi-site IP PBX system anchored at the same redundant  Data Center . By using  dynamic Voice PRI services embedded within the Data Center  they could  enable sequential, personalized and departmental direct dial Voice and fax numbers to be issued to all staff, resulting in seamless 4 digit dialing not only across the corporate network but also to Smart Phones or any network endpoint or telephone number defined by each user.

The existing  24 hour patient care center at the main admissions facility would benefit from ShoreTel’s enhanced call handling features and granular call traffic reporting tools, allowing management to  better understand fluctuations in calling activity and as  a consequence,  better optimize staffing resources.

Inbound and outbound faxing would move to a paperless system, using a blend of personal and departmental Fax numbers, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches would be able to eliminate labor intensive paper shuffling and ensure they had a comprehensive indexed archive of all fax communications.

Finally and very importantly, the converged Voice Video and Data network design has resulted in efficiencies that have translated into tangible reductions in cost of both human resources and circuitry expenses that have offset a significant part of the technology upgrade investment cost

This coupled with the expanded and improved patient services have resulted in Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches continuing to set new standards of excellence in clinical treatment healthcare.

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